Jada Jada has been douin for many years! Show at ComedyO’Connell’s

JadaJada Improv Night happens on the first Thursday of every Month at O’Connell’s Irish Bar.

Tampere’s oldest and longest running English Language Improv Team has been entertaining audiences now for 8 years

Team JadaJada is here and ready to perform an over an hour show in English! They’ve had the place roaring with laughter and there’s rarely been an empty seat in the house! So come early. All you have to do is give them an idea and they will run with it.

JadaJada Improv is Tampere’s Premier English Language Improv Team!

JadaJada is a collection of Improvisers from several of the area’s most prominent Improv teams who got together and decided to perform exclusively in English!
“We’re JadaJada: We Make Stuff Up!”


Trent Pancy on englanninkielisen improvisaation guru irkkubaari O’Connell’sin illoissa


Improv Night: JadaJada Improv

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