Damouchari Beach (Agios Ioannis) ***
A short distance also from Tsangarada lies the beach of Damouchari, a small aquatic retreat with white and pink pebbles. As the waves caress the shore, the pebbles seem to be singing. In actual fact some of the scenes in the well-known American movie ‘Mamma Mia!’ were filmed here.
Pelion Damouchari is a lovely natural harbour, the only on the Aegean part of Pelion, and is a charming destination. The impressive landscape is made up of beautiful trees, a stony morphology and amazing emerald waters.
Famous for its twin coves, Damouhari beach is the perfect spot for a peaceful swim, as it is untouched by mass tourism. The beach has big, round, white pebbles and is also ideal for camping. Around the area there are also some lovely accommodation options, providing immediate access to the marvelous beach.
Anyone who has seen the successful musical film “Mamma Mia!” , will have probably wondered where can be found nowadays such a primitive Greece. In fact, the film was shot in Skiathos, Skopelos and Damouchari.
When Venetian sailors established a trading route along the Aegean Sea, they built a castle on Mount Pelion as a place of rest and refuge from the pirates that threatened their voyages. As it is being said the ruins of this castle survive near the hamlet of Damouchari. Others say that this is a byzantine castle. One way or another the remains of this castle are located just across our Apartments on the top of the slope.
Damouchari is a small, hidden village at the eastern coast of the Pelion. The water of the sea is crystal clear and has a very beautiful blue colour. In this picturesque village a scene from the movie Mamma Mia was filmed. So the actors Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried and many more have been here too.


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